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SpeedyPro™️ Glass Repair Kit

SpeedyPro™️ Glass Repair Kit

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SpeedyPro™️ Glass Repair Kit

SpeedyPro™️ Glass Repair Kit

Regular price $19.97
Regular price $19.97 Sale price
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Cracked Glass? Fix It Like a Pro

Why This Is a Must Have? Here's Why!

"I'm a small business owner with a fleet of trucks. SpeedyPro™️ Glass Repair Kit has saved me a fortune in windshield repair costs. Trucks on the road inevitably get their share of chips and cracks, and previously, it meant scheduling a professional repair for each incident. With SpeedyPro™️, I've been able to repair minor cracks before they expand, keeping my trucks running without downtime. The kit is easy to use, and the results have been astonishing–it's like having a completely new windshield! I can't recommend SpeedyPro™️ enough for anyone looking to save time and money on glass repair." - Henry Calvin., Glendale Arizona - 

"I live in an area with frequent hailstorms and had recently noticed small dents and chips on my car windows. After some research, I came across the SpeedyPro™️ Glass Repair Kit and decided to give it a try. I was amazed by how effective it was! The entire process was incredibly simple and the results were even better than I expected. The repaired cracks are hardly visible and the integrity of my windows has been fully restored. It saved me from having to shell out a ton of money on expensive repairs. Thank you, SpeedyPro™️! I'll definitely keep one in my car from here on out." - Cindy Gregory., Milford Connecticut - 

Clear Vision Ahead: Keeping Your Windshield Break-Free!

Driving with a compromised windshield is risky for both safety and finances. Reduced visibility and weaker glass make it prone to breakage. However, preventive maintenance can prevent this. Regularly check for minor damages and use a good repair kit for fast repairs. Maintaining clear visibility is vital for safe driving. By being proactive, you ensure your windshield's longevity and safe travels.

Introducing SpeedyPro™️ Glass Repair Kit - Your Key to Effortless Windshield Restoration!

Say goodbye to bothersome windshield chips and cracks with the SpeedyPro™️ Glass Repair Kit! Designed to swiftly and effectively repair all types of laminated windscreen damages, including half-moon cracks, loopholes, cobwebs, star-shaped damage, long line cracks, and scratches.

Our innovative DIY kit is user-friendly and requires no technical expertise. Simply apply the nano resin on the damaged area, place the curing strips,  attach the sucker cap, place the bracket, and apply pressure with the pressure bar. The result? A seamless repair that restores your windshield's clarity in minutes!

No more worries about constant maintenance. SpeedyPro™️'s durable materials and precision tools, like the blade and needle, ensure long-lasting fixes without the need for regular touch-ups.

Don't let small damages compromise your safety and driving experience. Choose SpeedyPro™️ Glass Repair Kit and enjoy clear and unobstructed views on every road trip. Get yours today!

Clear Vision, Clear Path: Unleash the Power of SpeedyPro™️

SpeedyPro™️ Glass Repair Kit:

  • Quick windshield fixes.
  • Suitable for various damages.
  • Easy DIY, clear instructions.
  • Durable, long-lasting repairs.
  • Comprehensive toolkit included.
  • Restores clarity, enhances safety.
  • Budget-friendly alternative.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Drive with confidence.
  • Highly-rated by users.

The Choice of Automotive Specialists

John Anderson, Automotive Specialist and Car Expert

Perry Kinney - Client Service Specialist - reindeer auto relocation |  LinkedIn

John Anderson is a highly respected figure in the automotive industry, honored with the "Automotive Expert of the Year" award for his invaluable contributions to car safety and maintenance.

As a lead consultant for a renowned automotive research institute, John's expertise has shaped industry standards and best practices for car safety. Through an extensive study, John Anderson rigorously examined the SpeedyPro™️ Glass Repair Kit's performance. The results were outstanding, demonstrating its ability to swiftly and effectively repair small damages on windshields.

Having personally witnessed the remarkable outcomes, John Anderson wholeheartedly recommends the SpeedyPro™️ Glass Repair Kit. It's an indispensable tool for every car owner, ensuring clear visibility and enhancing road safety.

Raving Reviews From Our Happy And Satisfied Customers

"I love taking matters into my own hands, and when my windshield got chipped, I wanted to fix it myself. SpeedyPro™️ Glass Repair Kit was my perfect match! Easy to use and highly effective. The process was oddly satisfying, like a DIY project accomplished. Now, I can proudly say I've mastered the art of windshield repairs, thanks to SpeedyPro™️. It's a fantastic addition to my DIY arsenal, and I highly recommend it to fellow enthusiasts!" - Emily T., Nevada USA -

"My vintage car is my pride and joy, but it's not immune to windshield damages. I was hesitant to trust any DIY solution, but SpeedyPro™️ Glass Repair Kit proved its worth. The results were unbelievable! It preserved the authenticity of my classic car while fixing the cracks flawlessly. It's a crucial tool in my collection, ensuring my vintage beauty remains in pristine condition. SpeedyPro™️ is the real deal for any classic car enthusiast!" - Jason H., Kentucky - 

"City driving can be brutal on your car, especially your windshield. Small cracks seemed to appear out of nowhere, and it was frustrating. Then I discovered SpeedyPro™️ Glass Repair Kit. This thing is a lifesaver! I've repaired multiple cracks with ease. No more expensive trips to repair shops. SpeedyPro™️ saves me time, money, and keeps my windshield crystal clear. It's a must-have for any urban commuter dealing with windshield woes." - Michelle F., Rhode Island - 


  • Attach the pressure cylinder into the suction cup bracket.
  • Dispense the resin into the pressure cylinder.
  • Secure a pressure bar into the pressure cylinder.
  • Detach and take off the pressure bar.
  • Apply one drop of repair resin, then overlay it with a curing strip.
  • Put it under direct sunlight to let the repair solution harden.
  • Utilize a blade to eliminate the surplus.
  • Type: glass repair kit
  • Target User: general
  • Application: Suitable For All Types Of Laminated Windscreen Chips And Cracks Repairment, Such As Half-Moon Cracks, Loophole, Cobwebs, Star-Shaped Damage, Long Line Crack, Scratch

Product Includes

  • SpeedyPro™️ Glass Repair Kit
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