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Magic Ceiling Globs

Magic Ceiling Globs

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Magic Ceiling Globs

Magic Ceiling Globs

Regular price $28.97
Regular price $28.97 Sale price $46.97
SAVE 38% Sold out

Boredom?... I've Never Heard of It

Get ready to banish boredom with our incredible Globs! Squash, throw, stick, and repeat - these addictive balls will keep you entertained for hours on end. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to stress-free fun!

Glow In the Dark

That's right - that's why they're called GlowBalls! Just squash them to activate the glow, and then you already know what to do next... THROW!


The Ultimate Distraction for Relaxation

Indulge in the joy, glow, and squishiness of these remarkable balls, knowing that they provide a better distraction than any phone or TV screen. Let the relaxation begin!


Thousands Have Chosen Us

Join the ranks of over 187,500 satisfied customers who have discovered the ultimate solution to boredom. These balls are not only fun but can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How do Globs glow so bright?

Globs are made with a special adhesive that glows in the dark when put under a light source.In other words, as soon as the light source hits the Slorbs, the glow will activate!

Q:What if they get dirty?

You can rinse the balls with soap and water and dry it with a towel. Once complete they should be back to its original state.

Q:Will Globs get stuck on my ceiling?

No, once you throw your Globs Globs at your ceiling, they should fall back down within seconds.If your ceiling is stubborn, try rubbing the Globs on a carpet to adjust stickiness until it's just right.

Q:Are Globs safe for kids?

Globs are 100% safe and enjoyable for kids of every age.

Q:Can I wash my Globs?

Globs are completely waterproof, allowing you to clean them anytime, no matter how dirty they get.

Q:Will Globs leave stains on my ceiling?

This is a common myth about our sticky globs. They do not leave any traces or marks on ceilings.

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