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LeatherRevamp™ Advanced Leather Repair Gel

LeatherRevamp™ Advanced Leather Repair Gel

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LeatherRevamp™ Advanced Leather Repair Gel

LeatherRevamp™ Advanced Leather Repair Gel

Regular price $17.97
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Are you still spending a fortune on leather restoration? Don't hesitate any longer! Our premium leather restoration gel offers a revolutionary solution that is practical, eco-friendly and affordable, opening up endless possibilities for leather restoration. Whether it's restoring your favorite leather jacket, a worn out couch, a worn out car seat, or leather bags and accessories, they will all look brand new. Don't miss out on the opportunity to repair, restore and remodel your leather goods. Read on to learn more about the amazing benefits of our premium leather restoration gel.


Discover what our contented customers have to share 

"We picked up some free furniture from Craigslist that required a lot of fussing, but my "addiction" is believing that I can lift our family out of poverty with zero tech DIY, so that's what we did. The armchair had a diagonal line that was like a sexy time with Edward Scissorhands gone too far out of control, so I turned to this kit to help me get through it. After nearly a month of work, the armchair is now big enough for our two feral children, four big dogs and five cats to fight over. There's been no re-tearing, no flaking, and no signs of patches coming loose."

--Niki McAlister,Miami, FL

"I'm not looking for perfection, just trying to keep problem spots from getting worse. This is very easy to use and its color palette and instructions are easy to match. My chair is over 50 years old. It's very memorable to me, it was new when we bought it and it's many years old now. Try this product ..... , you will be satisfied."

--Gary Ashlock,Seattle, WA

That's where LeatherRevamp™ Advanced Leather Repair Gel comes in to help you get rid of all your leather damage problems!

Our LeatherRevamp™ Advanced Leather Repair Gel is a scientifically formulated solution that combines cutting-edge technology with the highest quality ingredients to deliver exceptional results. Our gel contains a specially formulated adhesive that provides a strong and durable bond, allowing for a seamless repair of various leather damages. The filling compounds in our gel are designed to repair burns, holes, rips, scratches, and other imperfections, restoring your leather to its original splendor. Additionally, our gel is available in three colors: Black, White, and Brown, which can be skillfully mixed to achieve a precise match to your leather's hue, ensuring an impeccable repair. Our gel also offers enhanced durability, leaving a protective coat that shields your leather goods from oxidation and preserves their pristine condition. 

Our DIY Professional Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit is an all-in-one solution to those unwanted tears, scuffs, and scratches on your leather items. Designed to achieve professional results without burning a hole in your pocket. 

  • One of the Best-Selling DIY Leather Repair products on the market.
  • Suitable to all kinds of leather items
  • Long lasting result
  • Affordable

Solutions recommended by leather restoration experts

We spoke with Dr. Johnson, a leather restoration expert and owner of a boutique leather restoration business. Dr. Johnson has over 15 years of experience in the leather industry and has restored countless leather items to their original condition. When asked about our Advanced Leather Repair Gel, Dr. Johnson raved about its effectiveness and convenience.

Dr. Johnson,Leather Restoration Specialists,Owner of Boutique Leather Restoration

"As a professional in the leather restoration industry, I have seen many products come and go. But I must say, the Advanced Leather Repair Gel is a game-changer. Its scientifically formulated adhesive and filling compounds make it easy to repair even the most severe leather damages. And the fact that it's available in three colors makes it a versatile solution for any leather item. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to restore their leather items."


1. Clean and degrease the target area

2. Apply the leather gel with a pencil, sponge or towel and spread it evenly

3. Let it dry naturally or use a hair dryer


  • Size: 20g
  • Color: Black, White, Brown

Product Includes

  • 1 x Advanced Leather Repair Gel

FAQ-Advanced Leather Repair Gel

Q:How do I use this kit on perforated leather seats?

A:Always apply Leather Cleaner and Condition onto your brush or applicator, not directly onto the seat. This will help prevent the product from building up into the pores and makes cleaning perforated leather seats fast and easy!

Q:Can it be used to repair faux leather?

A:Advanced Leather Gel works great on all types of leather, even the faux ones.

Q:Can it repair cat scratches?

A:Yes,Easily repairing leather scratches/ scrapes/ scuffs/ scuffed/ pet clawed marks/ faded leather, covering stains/ pot in all kinds of leather products.

Q:Is the product after application colorfast? 

A:Yes, if the color application dries properly, it is colorfast. The repair compound is not only paint, but it also contains a leather filler and adhesive and dries to a leather-like finish. The repair holds very strongly, often outlasting the actual material.

Q:What if I don't have the color I want?

A:Mixing and matching of colors is required if you want to achieve a color that is not on our color selection. Apply the mixed colors to areas not visible such as the leather underneath to get the best match. Once you have the right color, it is recommended applying it with a small area and working your way up to a larger one.

Q:How often should I apply Leather Conditioner?

A:To keep your leather in great condition, we recommend using it every 1-2 months.

Q:Can I use this kit on leather shoes, offices, and clothes?

A:Yes, this kit works amazing on all types of leather surfaces! Customers love using this kit on couches, leather jackets, purses, shoes, chairs, and more. As always, we recommending testing in a small, inconspicuous area first.

Q:Every time I clean my leather should I reapply Leather Conditioner?

A:Yes, after cleaning your leather, we recommend reapplying Leather Conditioner to keep your leather soft, supple, and rejuvenated.

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